Hello everyone! Double update today! Yay! With v13 of Reika’s mods going into both packs! This changelog is primarily for REVOLUTION|2; the REVOLUTION|1 changelog can be found on the ATLauncher page in the typical place. Pack Changes More villagers (including alien villagers) shed emeralds to slightly increase the availability of emeralds pre-mining world. Reenabled naturally-spawning Ore Flowers for all mod ores now that memory issues have been addressed – this does not retrogen flowers, but new chunks will feature them. »

R1 First Day Guide

Alternate Terrain Generator (ATG) or Biomes O’ Plenty (BoP) When starting a new world, you have a couple of world type options – either Biomes O’ Plenty or ATG-Alternate Terrain Generator. I highly recommend changing your world type to ATG – it generates more realistic rolling hills and surface forms, using the BoP biomes. However, on minimal-memory machines, ATG may cause some hiccups during world generation (there are some workarounds, however). »

REVOLUTION|1 - Gameplay Changes

This page outlines the various game play changes to individual mods. There are quite a few and most can be found in NEI. If you can’t find or create your favorite recipe, this page is your last stop before logging an issue in the tracker. General changes Early game RF power is best provided through RotaryCraft’s Rotational Dynamo You will need steel and RotaryCraft HSLA Steel in quantity. Ore generates in large but rare veins. »