The 'Latest Buzz' Update, REVOLUTION|3 3.6.0!

Hi all!

Welcome to the latest update for REVOLUTON|3. Today’s update brings a bunch of mod updates to the pack. Enjoy!

Pack Changes

  • Players upgrading 3.5.0 maps should receive a message about missing blocks. This is expected and okay to proceed.
  • You may need to do a /bq_admin reset all <username> to address issues with the uncraftable weapon quest. You will need cheats enabled and you’ll probably want to edit your progress.

Bugs Squashed

  • Rusty ladder no longer conflicts with Iron Cable, thanks Kreidos! Fixes #616
  • Fixed the annoying uncraftable gun quest for reals this time, thanks to Shuro! Fixes #578
  • Disabled lizard spawns due to crashes on some configurations. Addresses #556
  • Disabled Zombie Scents. Addresses #600
  • Modular Power Suits should now have armor. Addresses #592

Mods Updated


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