The 'It's Magic' Update!, REVOLUTION|3 3.5.0

Hi all!

Welcome to the long-awaited big update to REVOLUTION|3. Version 3.5 brings together a number of changes introduced in the community update. Many thanks to gwydion for picking up the pack in my absence. Much of what you have here comes from gwydion’s and others hard work!

You’ll notice there’s a slew of new mods: Blood Magic, Minecraft Comes Alive, Witchery, plus a couple more Thuamcraft mods.

While 3.5.0 should be backward compatible with v3.4.x worlds, if you were looking at generating a fresh map, now is a good time. This will give you easy access to a number of world generation features, such as MCA villages, that will only be present in newly generated chunks.

Pack Changes

  • Traincraft is no longer an optional mod, due to it’s distribution license changing
  • MCA rose gold dust is made by combining 3 copper dust and 6 gold dust
  • MCA will repopulate dead villages
  • Cyano’s Lootable Bodies has been re-added as the default death mod. ‘Select Recommended’ to grab it instead of Souls.

Mods Added

Mods Updated

Removed Mods


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