The Cows are at Peace Update!, REVOLUTION|3 3.4.3

Hi all!

Really tiny update here (scripts and configs only – no mod changes) to address some playability and balance issues.

Pack Changes

  • Animals will no longer spawn hostile. They will however, try to rip you to shreds in packs if you attack them.
  • Additional changes to prevent souls from attacking you on teleport.
  • Removed grass from from the list of blocks that zombies will dig up. This prevents the holey ground everyone is experiencing.
  • Heart cannisters are more expensive
  • New questers will only need to complete either the watermill OR windmill quest, whereas previously you had to complete both. If you absolutely need the fix now, do /bg_admin default load, but your quest progress will likely be lost.

Bugs Squashed

  • Added missing slab recipes for ore dictionary blocks. Fixes#541


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