A Quick Update, REVOLUTION|3 3.4.2

Hi all!

Small update here to fixup some bugs and issues discovered since the last update. No mod updates, just a bunch of config fixes and tweaks.

Pack Changes

  • Made souls more passive – they’re basically standing chests until attacked – due to certain issues with them aggroing upon teleport
  • Unofficially renaming the pack tagline to ‘Fear the Rain’. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out why.
  • Passive mobs hate you again and with even more disgust
  • Made mobs more omnipotent. Not quite as omnipotent as Stephen Colbert, but more so than Robert Downy Jr, and more likely to destroy things than Cher.

Bugs Squashed

  • You can no longer make draconium ingots by smelting draconium dust. Addresses #535
  • Techguns tab is back. Fixes #537
  • Fixed a problem where the Advanced Rocketry Assembler and Structural blocks would fall apart due to gravity


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