The 'Haggle is a Wimp' Update, REVOLUTION|3 3.4.1

I tried. I really tried.

I cannot get Epic Siege Mod to balance at harder difficulties, particularly in SMP. The super-speed zombies fly past you before registering on your screen, and it’s not fun. So I’ve done something a little different.

The surface is now safe. Or so your think.

Underneath you, hordes of zombies and monsters waiting to spew forth from underground caverns and ravines. You need the precious resources deep inside the earth, but watch out…delving too deep and too greedily can result in your utter destruction! Mwuahahahahah!!

Pack Changes

  • Added the missing furnace recipes for copper, tin, and aluminum dust introduced by LibVulpes
  • The moon is no longer the deciding factor in mob aggresiveness.
  • The surface is generally peaceful at all times.
  • Anywhere where the light level is always 0 allows mobs to spawn (generally underground, unlit areas, but can be anywhere very dark)
  • Mobs are more aggressive at griefing vanilla blocks: grass, dirt, sand, gravel, stone, cobblestone. All other blocks are safe.
  • Souls can only be damaged by the players (no more losing them in lava)

Mods Added

Mods Updated

Removed Mods

  • Epic Siege Mod


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