The 'Quests 'n' Stars' Update, REVOLUTION|3 3.4.0

Hello everyone! Welcome to the next exciting chapter for REVOLUTION|3!

Today we bid a fond adieu to a mod that’s been in the pack since the original version 1 of the first REVOLUTION pack. GalactiCraft has been with us for a long time, and many adventurers have put their own boot print on the moon dust. Today, we’re replacing GC and related mods with a new space exploration adventure, Advanced Rocketry. This mod gives you a whole new universe to explore, with warp drives, mining missions, custom-designed rockets, space stations, and all the fun you can have in a zero-gee, atmosphere-free environment!

Also, very exciting news care of Eb-, we have starter quests! Yay! If you’d like to enable the starter quests in an existing world, simply type /bq_admin default load. These quests are very much like the originals from the HQM book, and will help players get started in the pack.

In addition, we’ve made a number of tweaks and balances to the pack, including a good use for all that cobblestone you have piling up.

If you’re updating a saved map to 3.4.0, you will receive a missing block message. It is OK to proceed into the world.

Pack Changes

  • Added starter quests, many thanks to EB-!! To add them to an existing world, do /bq_admin default load
  • Reduced insanity of zombie mobs (this makes the game easier)
  • Changed the Thaumic Horizons Pocket Dim ID to 4; if you’ve been using this dimension, you’ll need to retrieve anything from there before this update (DO NOT RENUMBER IT IN THE CONFIG)
  • Reenabled the Extra Utilities Angel ring, with OP recipe.
  • Techguns Small Nuclear Warhead now require plutonium from ReactorCraft instead of Enriched Uranium
  • Added a recipe for processing sand in the Railcraft Rock Crusher, which has a slight chance of producing a common metal per operation
  • Matter Overdrive and Advanced Rocketry dilithium and tritanium are obtained through mining missions (in addition to all other ores previously found on other planets)
  • Removed Zombie Babies

Mods Added

Mods Updated

Removed Mods

  • GalactiCraft and related
  • Galaxy Space
  • The optional, REV|2 compatibility mods (you’ll need to stay on 3.3.0, if you’re using a REV|2 map)


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