The WOOT WOOT Update, REVOLUTION|3 3.3.0

Hello everyone!

Small update to add only the world’s most incredible mod ever! Welcome Traincraft to the REVOLUTION! Woot Woot! Be aware, this is an optional mod, so you must select it from the optional mod list (or ‘Select Recommended’ from the bottom) to add it to REVOLUTION|3.

For those seeking more information about Traincraft, check out these helpful links:

Unfortunately, due to Traincraft’s license, I cannot include the mod directly in the pack, so you must manually download it during the installation process. Don’t worry, ATLauncher will take you to the right page – just click the download link and place it in your ATLauncher downloads folder or your default Downloads folder.

Pack Changes

  • Moved Souls to Optional, Recommended for those that play on peaceful mode but don’t want to lose their inventory on death.
  • Cleaned up the optional mods list during installation

Bugs Squashed

  • Iron chisels can no longer be used to harvest obsidian cheaply. Addresses #530

Mods Added

  • Traincraft
  • MCHeli as a DECORATIVE mod only! Flying a plane at speed through new chunks will bring any game to it’s knees! Do not install unless you know what you’re doing.

Removed Mods


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