Hello everyone!

Long-time, no update. Sadly, I’ve been very busy with work and haven’t had as much time to update the packs lately. But good news, we have an update! Now that Reika has released v16 of his mods, I’ve taken the opportunity to update REVOLUTION|3 with the latest mods and changes.

We have some awfully fun stuff for you. Most noticably, we’ve replaced Gun Customization and Open Modular Turrets with Techguns. Techguns, in addition to an array of death and destruction, adds new mobs and military bases. If you haven’t seen it, you should take a look at the Techguns Trailer. Also, since Techguns features it’s own version of bloody explosions, we’ve removed Mob Amputation and Mob Dismemberment, so you can enjoy your carnage dialed up to maximum.

Next up, how many of you complain that all those dead corpses lying around are a distraction? Wouldn’t it be great to have to fight your uber self to get your stuff back? If you answered, ‘No!’ to either of these questions, you’re obviously not Haggle1996, who thoroughly enjoys watching players die in epic struggles that rival Captain Kirk’s fight against the Gorn. With that in mind, we’ve replaced Lootable Bodies with Souls. Souls….because Haggle doesn’t have one and he wants to eat yours.

Lastly, we’ve added Road Stuff, which replaces….absolutely NOTHING! Road Stuff is an awesome decorative mod that adds beautiful roads to your post-apocalyptic nightmare. Always remember to yield to pedestrians and passing zombie hordes.

One final note, with the update to v16 of Reika’s mods, there’s some additional ChromatiCraft world gen. You’ll want to generate some new chunks in order to access these awesome features.

If you’re updating a saved map to 3.2.0, you will receive a missing block message. It is OK to proceed into the world.

Pack Changes

  • Reduced frequency of Thaumcraft Magical Forests
  • Removed custom Chromastone TiCo material, as Reika introduced one of his own
  • Road Stuff bitumen and liquid bitumen is made in the Immersive Engineering Industrial Squeezer
  • Titanium ore is made by combining Volcanic Rock and Sulfur in an Arc Furnace. Volcanic Rocks occur naturally underground. Sulfur is typically produced by processing nether products in a SAG mill or Blaze Rods in a crusher.

Bugs Squashed

  • Thirsty tanks no longer provide infinite water. Fixes #500
  • Fix sniper scope recipe. Fixes #512
  • Update to ChromatiCraft addresses #527
  • Placing a second world rift no longer crashes the game #466
  • Updated coal block speed in Coke Oven. Closes #498
  • Crafting Tweaks disabled for BC Auto Workbench. Addresses #525
  • Fixed a bunch of smeltery exploits. Closes #503
  • Removed tar sites. Closes #497

Mods Added

Mods Updated

Removed Mods

  • TIS-3D (pack bloat)
  • Cyano’s Lootable Bodies (replaced with Souls)
  • Gun Customization (replaced with Techguns)
  • Open Modular Turrets (replaced with Techguns)
  • Mob Dismemberment (replaced with Techguns)
  • Mob Amputation (replaced with Techguns)
  • Not Enough Keys (interferes with Techguns)


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