Balance changes to Immersive Engineering

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Since Haggle1996 will be in the great state of Colorado on Friday, I’m releasing this update a bit early. Mostly, it contains a large rebalance to Immersive Engineering. In particular, the Diesel Engine is now a viable alternative to RoC Hydrokinetics or Performance Engines. While the RoC engines are still a bit easier and cheaper to acquire, the diesel engine is a bit easier to automate. We’ve also significantly buffed the output of coal coke and steel, so you no longer sitting around watching the butterflies roam while waiting for common steel to output. Lastly, we’ve added plant oil recipes for canola and husks, via the squeezer. Now you can power more devices and engines from one crop source, albeit a very week source of plant oil compared to flax.

Lastly, there was some concern around the last update and changing world gen. No overworld generation was impacted – all new ores were introduced into the Cave Dimension. If you previously generated a Cave Dimension, it’s recommended that you regenerate it to access it’s ores. The Cave Dimension is considered the pack’s mining world and should be regularly reset.

Immersive Engineering Balance Changes

  • Diesel Engine now produces 8192 RF/t, up from 1440 RF/t. You will need to use non-Immersive Engineering cables to transfer power out of it, to prevent wire burn-outs.
  • Crusher now consumes 120 RF/t, up from 80 RF/t.
  • Excavator now consumes 4096 RF/t, up from 1440 RF/t
  • Refinery now consumes 160 RF/t, up from 80 RF/t
  • Coke Oven now makes coal coke in roughly 12 seconds, down from 90 seconds. This puts it on par with the RotaryCraft Blast Furnace
  • Blast furnace now makes steel in roughly 12 seoncds, down from 60 seconds. This puts it on par with the RotaryCraft Blast Furnace
  • Arc furnace now makes steel in roughly 6 seconds, down from 20 seconds.
  • Both the arc furnace and blast furnace can also smelt blocks of iron using less materials (fuel for blast furnace, coke for arc furnace)
  • Squeezer produces plant oil from canola and canola husks, at 10mb and 5mb respectively. The operation takes 2 seconds for canola and 1.5 seconds for husks.

Other Pack Changes

  • Removed Fossils and Archeology campsites
  • Reduced the awareness range and pathing cap for mobs, in order to improve TPS during the night on servers.
  • Agricraft crop stats are now capped at 10/10/10, up from 8/8/8

Bugs Squashed

  • Drums no longer fall, preventing loss of contained liquid, resolving #482

Mods Updated


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