The 'RAAAAAAAAAAAWR!!!' Update REVOLUTION|3 Version 3.1.0

Hello everyone!

Have we got a big surprise for you! And by big, I mean big…with teeth…and claws! That’s right, Fossils and Archeology has found it’s way into REVOLUTION|3, finally completing the circle and allowing you to raise a colony of T-Rexs on Barnard’s Star. For what other purpose could an interstellar expedition be undertaken in the first place? Expensive Space Program? Check. Barnard’s Star? Check. Dinosaurs repopulated? Check and double-check!!

We’ve also added Electrical Age to the pack; for those of you not familliar with Electrical Age, it adds a more realistic electrical simulation to the pack, on the order of complexity of some of Reika’s mods. Tungsten, one of the key minerals for this mod, only spawns at the moment in the Cave Dimension. EA is more or less in it’s default configuration (except for world gen) in this release, but it will be integrated more and more into the pack progression with forthcoming updates.

Last, but not least, we’ve added back ToolUtilities, minus a couple of enchants that were causing crashes. Yay!

Pack Changes

  • Reduced the size of the version number to only 3 digits.
  • Increased healing from food by roughly double.
  • Disabled Pech spawning due to the crazy TPS lag caused by these mobs trying to pickup things on the ground. If you need one, temporarily re-enable them in the Thaumcraft config, capture one, then disable them again.
  • Reduced snow accumulation during the winter months
  • Removed Tool Utilities right-click to place and torch helper (due to crash interaction). Also increased cost of enchants somewhat.
  • Reduced the frequency of frozen biomes
  • Electrical Age tungsten currently only spawns in the Cave Dimension
  • Enforced classic TiCo materials to be really bad, since they can’t be removed (bone, slime, cactus, wood, etc.)

A Brief Explanation of the Version Number

  • First digit indicates major versions of the pack.
  • The second digit indicates significant mod, content, or progression changes to be aware of. These updates are safe to apply to an existing world, but may have specific considerations.
  • The third digit indicates minor changes, updates, and hotfixes. These should generally be applied quickly to fix various problems.

Bugs Squashed

  • Increased the number of OpenComputers components to 30,000. Fixes #492
  • Carrots no longer rot, but have no food value…sorry for missing that.
  • Logging spam from Harder Ores should be significantly reduced. Thanks Draco18s! Fixes #486
  • Fixed a problem with steel ingots and blocks having no interchange recipe

Mods Added

Mods Updated


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