Hello everyone!

Welcome to the inaugural release of REVOLUTION|3, Fear The Moon! REV|3 features some awesome new changes and mechanics…so many, I don’t know where to begin!

First up, we’ve removed Better Sleeping – you still can’t sleep through the night, but you no longer need to sleep to regain energy. Coupled with this, we’ve swapped out Zombie Awareness, Special AI, and Blood Moons for the Epic Siege Mod. In addition to adding harder mobs and bosses, ESM introduces a blood moon-like event every 8 Minecraft days, during the full moon. At this time, mobs ignore light levels and will aggressively try to enter your base and kill you…repeatedly. Zombies are smarter, too – including tunneling and pillaring to bypass your defenses! Fortunately, you have 32 days from the time you begin before this mechanic kicks in, so you have some time to wander the world before things get really hairy.

Next, we’ve added Tinker’s Construct and a full set of overpowered tools; you won’t be able to build anything from TiCo until you’ve gone a fair way through ChromatiCraft, but you now have a number of options for mid-game tools. See below for details.

Hardcore Questing Mode (HQM) has been removed, in favor of a new questing system using Better Questing. Quests will be showing up in the very near future, but aren’t in this first release.

Upgrading a REV|2 map

If you’re upgrading a REV|2 map to REV|3, be sure to select the Biomes O’ Plenty and Natura optional mods from the REV|2 compatibility section of the pack, otherwise existing worlds will not load!

Pack Changes

  • Blood moons are replaced with the full-moon event, which occurs every 8 days (during the full-moon in minecraft). During this event, light-levels are ignored and mobs spawn more aggresively. You have 32 days from the time you create a world (or this mod is added to an existing one) before this event starts.
  • A number of changes to Climate Control biome layouts to improve diversity and reduce problems
  • Removed the sleeping bag from starting inventory, as it’s no longer useful
  • Removed BoP generation override for vanilla biomes; this addresses several mods’ world-gen issues, such as ChromatiCraft and Void Reeds
  • Reenabled Draconic Evolutions’ Chaos Islands. Either generate more End chunks or regnerate your End to access (they spawn in a grid of 10,000x10,000)
  • Emergency Rations, potatoes, carrots, golden apples, and golden carrots no longer rot. Potatoes, carrots, and golden carrot/apples have no food value.
  • The Harder Ores packager has been disabled. There are better machines to process ore.
  • RTG/CC no longer interferes with ChromatiCraft world gen (yes, Ocean Temples are still rare). BoP worlds still negatively affect CrC and ore generation.
  • Tinker’s Construct is completely customized to be an addon for ChromatiCraft – it is not meant for starter tools. See the detail post below.
  • Matter Overdrive Androids and Gravitational Anomalies can spawn in the nether
  • End Crystals are more expensive.
  • Cinderpearls can now be ground in a Crusher.
  • Exotic Birds now shed feathers.
  • Biomes O’ Plenty and Natura are not recommended for new saves. These two mods cause a lot of issues in the pack; particularly, BoP makes CrC progression difficult, and Natura causes most of the rendering crashes. Remove them unless you are upgrading a REV|2 map.
  • Concrete can now be made by smelting slag in a standard furnace, because you could chisel it from gravel anyway.
  • Made JABBA barrels behave like storage drawers when removing items (click for one, shift+click for stack).
  • Pack tips now display on the main menu
  • You only heal with food, potions, crystals, magic, etc.
  • Removed Ender Minies.

Tinker’s Construct Details

  • Tinker’s Construct has been completely customized to provide an experience unique to this pack.
  • All normal tools are removed; you still need to make casts, patterns as before
  • Smeltery blocks are made using Chromaticraft Crystalline Stone.
  • Tool materials are created using ChromatiCraft ingots and RotaryCraft materials (HSLA, Bedrock)
  • Different ChromatiCraft ingots produce different material qualities, with unique enchants.
  • You can use TiCo modifiers to enchant some of these tools.
  • Melting raw ore in the smeltery does not double the output.
  • There are 8 ChromatiCraft metals and 2 RotaryCraft metals you can work with.
  • Each ChromatiCraft metal has at least one unique enchantment.
metal enchantment(s) harvest level durability mining speed attack reinforced handle modifier stonebound modifiers
Chroma Alloy Pulverization 3 1100 600 6 1 1.8 0 0
Resonating Vein Cracker 4 400 1200 8 0 0.8 2 0
Fluidic XP Boost 4 300 800 7 0 0.4 0 0
Radiative Efficiency 5 400 500 8 1 0.6 0 1
Aura Conducting Vampirism 4 600 500 6 0 0.4 0 1
Firaxite Alloy Sharpness & Power 6 1100 500 12 1 0.6 0 1
Spatial Fortune & Looting 5 1800 500 10 2 1.2 0 1
Chromastone AOE & Valiance 6 3000 1400 16 3 3 0 2

Known Issues

  • ChromatiCraft Rainbow Trees catching on fire will cause a world crash. Set /gamerule doFireTick false to false to prevent this until Reika releases a fix in v16

Bugs Squashed

  • Actually fixed RF Tools dimensions not needing owner dimlets. Sorry!
  • Void reeds spawn in swamps again. Use /redecorate <radius> flowers to add these to existing swamp biomes (do not select too big of a radius – 200 to 500 max).
  • Added Thaumcraft Aspects to various Harder Ores and some other blocks, courtesy of DragGon7601. This should make them visible to the Pickaxe of the Core Fixes #347
  • Sluice and bone-mealed ore flowers should work again. Fixes #462
  • You can once again craft Bee Houses, Apiarist’s Chests, etc., from Forestry. Fixes #399

Mods Added

Mods Updated

Reverted Mods

  • OpenComputers-MC1.7.10- due to crash with World Rifts

Removed Mods

  • Biomes O’ Plenty - optional, not recommended. If you’re upgrading an existing REV|2 map, be sure to add this mod from the list of optional mods.
  • Natura - optional, not recommended. If you’re upgrading an existing REV|2 map, be sure to add this mod from the list of optional mods.
  • Mapwriter - crash problems
  • Rockhounding - already not recommended
  • Forge Essentials (server operators should download and maintain this separately)
  • Morpheus (server operators can install this independently, but it’s not intended for use with the pack)
  • Better Sleeping - Replaced with Epic Siege Mod
  • Zombie Awareness - Replaced with Epic Siege Mod
  • CoroUtil (ZA dependency)
  • Animals+ - already not recommended
  • Hardcore Questing Mode - Replaced with Better Questing
  • BeeSpecific (HQM addon not used)
  • Tool Utilities (Right-click crash bug)
  • Player Rugs (unused fluff)
  • AdminCommandsToolbox (pregeneration issues)
  • MineTweaker 3 (replaced by CraftTweaker)
  • HaggleTweaks (not needed anymore)
  • Special AI


Curator of the Revolution Pack and Patron of the Gaming Arts