Hello everyone! Long-time, no update. Sadly, I’ve been very busy with work and haven’t had as much time to update the packs lately. But good news, we have an update! Now that Reika has released v16 of his mods, I’ve taken the opportunity to update REVOLUTION|3 with the latest mods and changes. We have some awfully fun stuff for you. Most noticably, we’ve replaced Gun Customization and Open Modular Turrets with Techguns. »

Balance changes to Immersive Engineering

Hello everyone! Since Haggle1996 will be in the great state of Colorado on Friday, I’m releasing this update a bit early. Mostly, it contains a large rebalance to Immersive Engineering. In particular, the Diesel Engine is now a viable alternative to RoC Hydrokinetics or Performance Engines. While the RoC engines are still a bit easier and cheaper to acquire, the diesel engine is a bit easier to automate. We’ve also significantly buffed the output of coal coke and steel, so you no longer sitting around watching the butterflies roam while waiting for common steel to output. »

The 'RAAAAAAAAAAAWR!!!' Update REVOLUTION|3 Version 3.1.0

Hello everyone! Have we got a big surprise for you! And by big, I mean big…with teeth…and claws! That’s right, Fossils and Archeology has found it’s way into REVOLUTION|3, finally completing the circle and allowing you to raise a colony of T-Rexs on Barnard’s Star. For what other purpose could an interstellar expedition be undertaken in the first place? Expensive Space Program? Check. Barnard’s Star? Check. Dinosaurs repopulated? Check and double-check!! »


Hello everyone! Quick hotfix here to address pack difficulty. If you have not read the changelog for REVOLUTION|3 yet, take a look at it here. Pack Changes Creepers no longer destroy the enviroment, though some can set fire to flammable blocks Zombies now will only dig through unimproved materials: dirt, stone, cobblestone, grass, sand, gravel. Everything else IS SAFE. Removed most variations of breaching, exploding, charging mobs. Removed planks and »


Hello everyone! Welcome to the inaugural release of REVOLUTION|3, Fear The Moon! REV|3 features some awesome new changes and mechanics…so many, I don’t know where to begin! First up, we’ve removed Better Sleeping – you still can’t sleep through the night, but you no longer need to sleep to regain energy. Coupled with this, we’ve swapped out Zombie Awareness, Special AI, and Blood Moons for the Epic Siege Mod. In addition to adding harder mobs and bosses, ESM introduces a blood moon-like event every 8 Minecraft days, during the full moon. »