The Cows are at Peace Update!, REVOLUTION|3 3.4.3

Hi all! Really tiny update here (scripts and configs only – no mod changes) to address some playability and balance issues. Pack Changes Animals will no longer spawn hostile. They will however, try to rip you to shreds in packs if you attack them. Additional changes to prevent souls from attacking you on teleport. Removed grass from from the list of blocks that zombies will dig up. This prevents the holey ground everyone is experiencing. »

A Quick Update, REVOLUTION|3 3.4.2

Hi all! Small update here to fixup some bugs and issues discovered since the last update. No mod updates, just a bunch of config fixes and tweaks. Pack Changes Made souls more passive – they’re basically standing chests until attacked – due to certain issues with them aggroing upon teleport Unofficially renaming the pack tagline to ‘Fear the Rain’. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out why. »

The 'Haggle is a Wimp' Update, REVOLUTION|3 3.4.1

I tried. I really tried. I cannot get Epic Siege Mod to balance at harder difficulties, particularly in SMP. The super-speed zombies fly past you before registering on your screen, and it’s not fun. So I’ve done something a little different. The surface is now safe. Or so your think. Underneath you, hordes of zombies and monsters waiting to spew forth from underground caverns and ravines. You need the precious resources deep inside the earth, but watch out…delving too deep and too greedily can result in your utter destruction! »

The 'Quests 'n' Stars' Update, REVOLUTION|3 3.4.0

Hello everyone! Welcome to the next exciting chapter for REVOLUTION|3! Today we bid a fond adieu to a mod that’s been in the pack since the original version 1 of the first REVOLUTION pack. GalactiCraft has been with us for a long time, and many adventurers have put their own boot print on the moon dust. Today, we’re replacing GC and related mods with a new space exploration adventure, Advanced Rocketry. »

The WOOT WOOT Update, REVOLUTION|3 3.3.0

Hello everyone! Small update to add only the world’s most incredible mod ever! Welcome Traincraft to the REVOLUTION! Woot Woot! Be aware, this is an optional mod, so you must select it from the optional mod list (or ‘Select Recommended’ from the bottom) to add it to REVOLUTION|3. For those seeking more information about Traincraft, check out these helpful links: Traincraft Blog Traincraft Website Traincraft License Unfortunately, due to Traincraft’s license, I cannot include the mod directly in the pack, so you must manually download it during the installation process. »