REVOLUTION|3 - Gameplay Changes

Updated for v3.0.0

REVOLUTION|3 is a significant update to the original Revolution; please refer to NEI for recipe changes and don’t expect everything to work the same as it did in the original Revolution.

Where can I find ore X?

Oregen is significantly different. Generally, ores can be found at most y-levels. Many ores spawn with giant, rare motherlodes and long, thin trace veins that lead to these motherlodes. Some ores generate in vertical pipes. Specifically:

Ore Location
Coal Spawns just near the surface, and up into hills and mountains. The veins are long and thick, but sparsely filled with ore and often broken up by caves or depressions in the terrain.
Iron Groups of long narrow veins found about one third of the way down to bedrock. Especially common in snowy or icy areas.
Gold Groups of long narrow veins found about two thirds of the way down to bedrock. Most common in temperate hardwood forests, but still very rare.
Redstone Single vertical veins starting near the surface and extending down about halfway to bedrock. Most common in desert climates.
Diamond Short lava-filled tubes extending upward from bedrock with diamonds around the edges.
Lapis Lazuli Single vertical veins starting near bedrock and extending about halfway to the surface. Most common under ocean floors.
Emerald Short sloping tubes filled sparsely with emeralds and a few … surprises. Vastly more common under open grassy hills.
Limonite Use a shovel! Generally at sea-level and a bit lower. More common in rivers and areas that spawn clay or sand.
Copper Groups of long narrow veins found about one third of the way down to bedrock. Especially common in jungles.
Tin Groups of long narrow veins found about halfway down to bedrock. More frequent in flat grassy plains.
Uranium & Pitchblende Isolated veins found about two thirds of the way down to bedrock and only sparsely filled with ore. Unusually common in devastated wastelands.
Lead Groups of long narrow veins found about one third of the way down to bedrock. Especially common in jungles.
Silver Isolated veins found about two thirds of the way down to bedrock. Unusually common in mountains.
Nickel Groups of long narrow veins found near bedrock. Especially common in swamps.
Aluminum Flat Clouds found near the surface. Only found in mesa, swamp, and jungle biomes.
Apatite Spawns in large, rare veins between y-level 56 and 184.
Certus Quartz Spawns with charged certus quarts in vertical veins between y-level 76 and 52.
Cadmium Spawns in the cave dimension, moon, and mars.
Indium Spawns in the cave dimension, moon, and mars.
Fluorite Spawns in the cave dimension, moon, and mars.
Magnetite Spawns in the cave dimension, moon, and mars, and occasionally above y-128 in the overworld.
Calcite Spawns in the cave dimension, moon, and mars.

Ore generation in the Enviromine Cave dimension is richer and more vanilla-like, and is intended for use as a mining dimension. There are also secret ways of creating ore.

Significant Gameplay Changes

  • There is a mini-guide built into the modpack. Access your inventory, then click the guide book along the left edge of your inventory window.
  • Ores generally yield more from a single block; however, each raw ore is of lower quality, requiring more processing. Advanced tiers of processing equipment yield more ore from a given block – up to two and a half stacks of ingots per block with all advancements!
  • Ore flowers spawn on the surface, indicating nearby ores (within 30 block radius for naturally-occurring ore flowers - ore flowers may appear when bone mealing the ground; these mean ore is within an 8 block radius, horizontally).
  • Torches will set fire to nearby blocks and burn out over time.
  • Sleeping does not advance time (it does recharge your sleep meter).
  • Water is finite. You will need to take this into account when building machines (such as the steam engine) that require water. There are several mechanisms in the game to create water.
  • Seasons change approximately every 32 Minecraft days, with a year lasting 128 Minecraft days. Seasons alter the temperature and precipitation of a biome, and affect various machines and crop growth that depend on these factors.
  • Animals will breed, age, and die on their own, assuming proper food (such as grass) is present in their vicinity.
  • Naturally-spawning Vanilla and Forestry trees will die off over time, turning into compost and eventually dirt. Dropped saplings will plant themselves.
  • Food rots over time. This can be overcome by building Eskys and Freezers (storage blocks from and Enviromine that integrate with Cooking for Blockheads).
  • Only basic seeds drop from breaking grass. You will need to create mutations in AgriCraft to discover all possible food seeds.
  • Unsupported cave and building rooves will collapse on you. Make sure to support your ceilings! Different materials can stretch different lengths (up to 3 blocks out). Building common engineered structures, such as l-girder shapes, can extend blocks indefinitely.
  • Crop growth is significantly slower and is affected by season. Be sure to plant early, often, and extensively. Crops generally grow better underground or in greenhouses, and in friendly biomes.
  • Power consumption and generation has been revamped throughout the pack. Generally, things are more expensive.
  • Power, item, and fluid transmission has been tiered: – Tier 1: Immersive Engineering (max 4096 RF/t) – Tier 2: BuildCraft, Logistics Pipes (max 10248 RF/t) – Tier 3: Ender IO (max 20496 RF/t) – Tier 4: ElectriCraft (power transmission only - unlimited RF/t)
  • Early game RF power is best provided through either the Rotational Dynamo or the Immersive Engineering waterwheel/windmill.
  • Spawners aren’t moveable intact during the early game; you must research technology to move them or use them for powered spawners.
  • Many repetetive items are hidden in NEI (e.g., BiblioCraft and Storage Drawers wood variations; Gun Customization modified weapons). Use Creative Tab to access these items.


  • Dead bodies can be removed by whacking them with a shovel three times.

Mod-specific changes


  • Resource crops are disabled
  • Disabled natura integration
  • Removed decorative blocks
  • Reduced stat cap to 8
  • Turned on hardcore mode
  • Increased mutation rate by 50%

Applied Energistics

  • RotaryCraft shaft power is about 4x more effective than RF for powering AE systems (yes, the energy acceptor accepts shaft power)
  • Applied Energistics requires about 4x more power than typical.
  • Recipes generally require steel or steel plates instead of iron


  • Thirsty tank consumes the water source block.

Better Sleeping

  • Removed most debuffs when you’re tired.
  • Sleeping no longer advances the time. You’ll have to find ways to survive the night.

Biomes O’ Plenty

  • Removed all ore generation and related tools, armor.


  • Mana Flux Field is disabled
  • Passive Flowers despawn after 24,000 ticks (mod default, but this surprises some people)
  • Mana Cookie is removed
  • Manasteel requires steel


  • Fuel is made in the Immersive Engineering refinery, and requires Kerosene + Oil.
  • Engines require metal plates.
  • A number of recipes from other mods are crafted on the Assembly Table
  • Refinery is removed – use the Immersive Engineering Refinery for Fuel and Ethanol
  • Turned off Water Springs


  • Cannot chisel torches


  • Wisps in Rainbow Forests can hurt you.
  • Rainbow Forest biomes do not spread when planting rainbow trees.
  • Pylons do not automatically chunk-load; you’ll need to use your own chunk loader (server optimization).

Cooking for Blockheads

  • Water must be pumped in to the sink.

Draconic Evolution

  • Draconium Ore does not spawn
  • Draconium Ingots are made in the Arc Furnace using Terrasteel (Botania), Spatial Alloy Ingots (ChromatiCraft), Bedrock Ingots (RotaryCraft), Bedrockium Ingots (Extra Utilities), and VoidMetal Ingots (Thaumcraft).

Ender IO

  • Hard machine recipes are turned on.
  • Alloy Smelter recipes generally require 10x more power (IE Arc Furnaces smelt significantly faster, but require even more power).
  • Conduit Binder is made with Silicon and Wool. Seriously, who makes wire insulation from gravel, sand, and clay?
  • Machine casings require steel
  • Stirling engine requires plates
  • Capacitors are created on the BuildCraft Assembly Table
  • Dark Steel requires steel ingots
  • Harder ores can now be smelted in the EIO Alloy Smelter with coal at a 4:1 rate


  • Disabled sanity, hydration, temperature, air quality, and slide physics (drop physics remain).
  • Elevators now require steel plates and bedrock pickaxes.
  • Removed recipes for items that are useless.

Extra Utilities

  • Most of this mod is disabled, particularly the Ender Quarry, transport nodes, generators, and watering cans.
  • Ender Lilies can only be found in The End
  • Drum requires steel plates
  • Last Millenium and Deep Dark are disabled. Use the Cave dimension (accessed by Enviromine Elevator) for mining dimension.


  • Farms are now square, because 45 degree angles are hard.
  • Forestry bees can now make RotaryCraft yeast.
  • Adventurer’s Bags are renamed Ammo Bags and can hold ammo (obviously)
  • Easy mode is set
  • The Ender Hive can be obtained through Botania Mana Transfusion of a Tropical Hive

Harder Ores

  • Regular redstone spawns in place of Hard Redstone, so that it can be silk-touched for recipes that require it.
  • Pitchblende spawns alongside Uranium. Both can be used to power ReactorCraft reactors.
  • Sifter uses a wooden bucket instead of an iron one.
  • Sluice has alternative recipe


  • Water plants are grown on farmland, not water.
  • Seeds must be researched through crop mutations
  • Removed gardens
  • Epic Bacon is no longer craftable


  • Baarbra no longer spawns (TPS heavy)
  • Reduced spawn probability and group size
  • Added Revolution Pack celebrities

Hunger Overhaul

  • Many tweaks to the difficulty, generally making it easier than default configs
  • Food stack size is set at 64.
  • Increased time it takes to heal.
  • Increased the minimum hunger to heal to 18.
  • Constant hunger loss is disabled
  • It takes much longer to starve to death.
  • You drain food faster when healing.
  • You respawn with 1/6th of your health.
  • Difficulty scales hunger rates 50% more.
  • Sugarcane is not affected by biome (but it is by season).
  • Crops grow slower and have lower yields.
  • There is no penalty for growing crops indoors or underground (generally, this is a boost to productivity).

Immersive Engineering

  • LV/MV/HV Cables transfer at 256/1024/2048 RF/t respectively.
  • Blast Furnace can now refine Harder Ores hard ores.
  • Arc Furnace can refine hard diamond ore into diamonds much more efficiently


  • Removed the Diamond Dolly

Matter Overdrive

  • Gravitational anomolies only spawn on other planets and moons
  • Tritanium and Dilithium only spawn on moon and mars; tritanium spawns in shallow common veins; dilithium spawns deep in uncommon veins.
  • Android only spawns on planets and moons
  • Energy costs are generally doubled


  • Removed barley and cotton crops, plus related recipes.
  • Natura nether trees can’t spawn as ChromatiCraft dye trees.
  • Removed cactus juice.

Open Blocks

  • Graves are turned off, replaced with lootable bodies (which can be broken with a shovel). Server operators, the open blocks inventory restore still functions as expected.
  • Tanks are much more expensive.
  • Luggage is removed.

Ore Dictionary

  • Added beeswax to ore dictionary for wax


  • Pneumatic Dynamo operates at 5% efficiency (very poor source of RF)
  • Making Compressed Iron with TNT loses 100% of all ingots.
  • Initial Compressed Iron can be made in the Ender IO Alloy Smelter.


  • Blast Furnace and Coke Oven are removed. Use the equivalents from Immersive Engineering
  • Removed poor ores
  • Engines require plates based on tier
  • Turned off Residual Heat
  • Steel armor and items are removed. Use HSLA for entry level armor, and various mod armors for later game.
  • Village workshops do not spawn

Random Things

  • Disabled Spirit Binder
  • Spectre Armor is disabled
  • You cannot sleep through Blood Moons
  • Blood Moons occur on 5% of all nights
  • Minimum range for spawns during blood moons is 24 blocks, up from 3.
  • Monsters spawn slowly during blood moons, instead of all at once.
  • Blood moon spawn cap is set at 300% of vanilla.
  • Blood moon-spawned monsters despawn in the morning.

Road Stuff

  • Bitumen is made by squeezing tar sand in an industrial squeezer
  • Liquid Bitumen is made by squeezing bitumen in an industrial squeezer

Roguelike Dungeons

  • Added a customized modern bunker theme.


  • Bedrock picks break spawners.
  • Machines can be made on the standard crafting grid.
  • Bedrock tools can be used in the Ender IO Farming Station

Tinker’s Construct

  • Just about everything about this mod is changed. It is not the go-to, defacto mod for tool creation. It is used for mid/end-game overpowered magical tools.
  • Smeltery blocks are made from ChromatiCraft Crystalline Stone.
  • Melting ore blocks in the smeltery no longer doubles the output.


  • Buckets, hoppers, and cauldrons are now made with iron plates (which are made in the rolling mill or hammer)
  • Vanilla armor crafting is disabled…find them in dungeons and monster loot.
  • The End is overhauled by Hardcore Ender Expansion. There are several rituals (through Et Futurum, Draconic Evolution, and Hardcore Ender Expansion) that allow you to resummon the dragon.

Void Monster

  • Void monster doesn’t spawn in The End, Spectral World, Deep Dark, and The Last Millenium

Wooden Buckets

  • Can use wax instead of pipe green

Zombie Awareness

  • Zombies are not attracted to scent
  • Extra Zombies spawn on the surface
  • Removed the chance for baby zombies to spawn
  • Zombies do not summon help (but there are zombies that spawn help).