The 'Final' Update, REVOLUTION|3 3.7.0!

Hi all! There may be an additional update or two to fix any issues, but this is more or less the last update for 1.7.10 REV|3. Look for my next pack, REVOLUTION|4 - The Search for More Money in the near future! Pack Changes Mobs no longer break blocks when there’s nothing else to do (passive griefing is off) Zombies no longer track sound Bugs Squashed Physics should no longer »

The 'It works better!' Update, REVOLUTION|3 3.6.1!

Hi all! Small update to address the TPS and FPS issues, as well as make oceans and rivers melt! Pack Changes Players upgrading maps should receive a message about missing blocks. This is expected and okay to proceed. Ice should now immediately melt, instead of never melting – seasons should function much better now! Lowered the MCA villager cap to 12 Removed Zombie Awareness and Special AI until I can find a more TPS-friendly means of killing you. »

The 'Latest Buzz' Update, REVOLUTION|3 3.6.0!

Hi all! Welcome to the latest update for REVOLUTON|3. Today’s update brings a bunch of mod updates to the pack. Enjoy! Pack Changes Players upgrading 3.5.0 maps should receive a message about missing blocks. This is expected and okay to proceed. You may need to do a /bq_admin reset all <username> to address issues with the uncraftable weapon quest. You will need cheats enabled and you’ll probably want to edit your progress. »

The 'It's Magic' Update!, REVOLUTION|3 3.5.0

Hi all! Welcome to the long-awaited big update to REVOLUTION|3. Version 3.5 brings together a number of changes introduced in the community update. Many thanks to gwydion for picking up the pack in my absence. Much of what you have here comes from gwydion’s and others hard work! You’ll notice there’s a slew of new mods: Blood Magic, Minecraft Comes Alive, Witchery, plus a couple more Thuamcraft mods. While 3.5.0 should be backward compatible with v3.4.x worlds, if you were looking at generating a fresh map, now is a good time. »

The Quest for More Money Update!, REVOLUTION|3 3.4.4

Hi all! My apologies for the small update – my availability has dropped dramatically and I only have time to push these couple updates. Pack Changes Added many more quests, thanks to Eb! For existing worlds, you’ll need to do /bq_admin default load to access them. Mobs only grief if they have the right tool (e.g., break blocks if they have a pick). This should slow down the madness. Bugs Squashed Fixed a problem with mobs not spawning in the Nether. »